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Five Home Improvement Tips For Less

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

When looking to spruce up your home, keep these tips in mind.

  1. Paint. Newly painted rooms look fresh and updated. With a gallon of paint costing around $25, there’s plenty left over for brushes, sponges, and tape.
  2. Landscape. Shrubs, plants, and trees increase curb appeal. Having plants that are native to your region require less maintenance.
  3. Add a Mirror. Mirrors can visually double the space in the room making small areas look larger.
  4. Replace Old Fixtures. Old and noisy ceiling fans and fixtures can distract. Replace with a functional, decorative ceiling fan that has energy-efficient qualities.
  5. Maintain the Household. Walk around your home often to make a list of little things that may need repairing. Staying on top of maintenance eliminates problems down the road.

Winter Living In The Poconos

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

As the winter is almost over, we thought we’d recommend a few last minute activities. Throughout the Pocono Mountains are a variety of scenic, snow-capped hills. What better way to view them than cross-country skiing? Beltzville State Park has over nine miles of cross-country trails while Hickory Run State Park has over thirteen. Such a close proximity to these amenities is one of the great reasons to live in the area.

If downhill skiing or snowboarding is more your thing, rest assured that the trails of the Pocono Mountains have been highly ranked in TransWorld Snowboarding. New to both? Don’t worry, there are beginner trails in the nearby Tanglwood Ski Area and Shawnee Mountain.

No matter your cup of tea, you’re sure to love living in the Poconos during the winter even though so little of the season remains.